How to Keep Birds From Flying Into Windows

By Guardian Windows | Date January 22, 2024

Preventing Birds from Colliding with Windows

Picture this: You’re enjoying a peaceful moment at home when suddenly, you’re jolted by the unmistakable sound of a bird crashing into your window.

But why do birds engage in this behavior? And more importantly, is there a way to stop it? We have the answers to both of these questions.

Understanding Why Birds Collide with Windows

You might assume that birds crash into windows simply because they fail to see the glass. In a sense, that’s true! The majority of bird collisions with windows occur because birds perceive the sky and trees reflected in the glass, mistaking it for an open flight path. Unfortunately, many birds that collide with windows either succumb to their injuries or become vulnerable to attacks from other animals while they are stunned from the impact.

While this may seem insignificant, it’s estimated that approximately one billion birds die in the US each year due to collisions with windows. This staggering number can have profound implications for the ecosystem, food chain, and the survival of certain species. By making your windows bird-safe, you can help prevent these collisions and contribute to the well-being of your local ecosystem.

Here are a few methods to make your windows and sliding glass doors bird-safe:

Preventing Bird Collisions with Windows

The key to safeguarding your windows against bird collisions is to disrupt the reflection that birds perceive on the exterior of your home. Here are some straightforward methods to achieve this:

Relocate Bird Baths and Feeders:

If you have bird baths or feeders near windows or patio doors, consider moving them to a spot farther away from your home. This reduces the likelihood of birds colliding with your windows while approaching or departing from the feeder.

Install Window Screens:

Ensure all your windows are equipped with screens to help break up the appearance of a seamless reflection. Since conventional screens typically cover only one half of the window, consider using magnetic screens to cover the other half.

Apply Bird Safety Window Decals:

Affix bird safety window decals to the outside of your windows, spacing them approximately 2 inches apart. Opt for brightly colored or holographic stickers for maximum visibility and contrast.

Adjust Blinds:

Whenever possible, avoid fully opening your blinds. Keeping them partially lowered ensures that there is an obstruction behind the glass near the window, helping to prevent a clear reflection.

Use Window Film:

Window film is an effective solution for deterring birds from colliding with windows. Additionally, it offers the added benefit of enhancing privacy. While decorative window film can serve this purpose, you can also find anti-collision window film specifically designed to prevent bird strikes.

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