How to Seal Your Windows and Doors from Bugs

By Guardian Windows | Date January 22, 2024

Protect Your Windows and Doors from Insects

Similar to humans, bugs require food, water, and shelter, sometimes leading them to invade our living spaces. Once inside, eliminating them can pose a challenge (and incur expenses). Fortunately, there are effective measures to reduce the likelihood of bugs and other pests entering your home, and we at Guardian Windows have expert advice to share.

What Attracts Insects to Your Home?

Several factors can draw bugs to your living space. Crumbs, uncovered food, or overflowing garbage bins are common culprits for inviting bugs indoors. Additionally, humid environments or proximity to bug-prone habitats like trees and grassy areas may attract insects into your home.

Damage to window and door frames provides easy access for bugs seeking food and shelter. By ensuring your windows and doors are correctly installed and properly sealed, bugs and other pests will encounter greater difficulty gaining entry into your home.

Steps to Seal Your Windows and Doors

While major sealing tasks are typically handled by professionals, you can perform quick repairs using caulk to address your bug problem. Follow these steps to properly seal your windows and doors:

1. Inspect Your Windows, Doors, and Surrounding Areas

Conduct a thorough examination of windows, doors, and other potential entry points for damage. While this should be done annually during routine home inspections, an increase in bug sightings may warrant more frequent exterior product inspections.

2. Identify Cracks, Holes, and Gaps

Take note of any cracks, holes, or gaps in or around window or door frames during your inspection.

3. Use Caulk to Seal Damaged Areas

Purchase a quality caulk gun and materials. Clean and dry the area before applying caulk. Apply caulk to damaged spaces around your window or door frame, ensuring not to cover moveable joints crucial for opening and closing. Use a caulking tool to smooth the caulk, clean up lines, and create an even surface. For added protection against bugs, consider installing door sweeps and weather stripping.

Replace When Necessary

While sealing foundational cracks can offer temporary relief, there may come a point when it’s essential to consider replacements. Window and door frames endure wear and tear over time, eventually requiring replacement. If you suspect it’s time for an upgrade, a professional assessment of your doors and windows from Guardian Windows can provide valuable insights and options.

Prevent Infestations with Replacement Windows or Doors

Guardian Windows offers a range of high-quality replacement windows and doors designed to insulate your home from extreme temperatures and unwanted pests. Contact us today to explore our selection of custom replacement options, featuring energy-efficient solutions tailored to suit your home’s needs!

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